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I have added the option to choose updating the compiles tools or not.
Mucci | 7/9/2017
MAMEdev has released an updated compile-package, this manual covers the latest changes.
Mucci | 19/3/2017
with the release of 0.182 my method within the script to get the version number broke.I have updated the compile script for MAMEui,MESSui and ARCADE to "fix" it ;-)
Mucci | 26/1/2017
With 0.180 MAMEui is using the UI from MESSui. I have change that parameter and I think from now on MESSUI repo will not be updated - use MAMEui for compiling a MESSui version…
Mucci | 3/12/2016
updated the compile-scripts, keep in mind - suggestions and featurerequests are welcome. If they fails beause something changed in the source - I can not fix the source!
Mucci | 30/10/2016
I have seen that I have not uploaded the updated HBMAME script (small bugfix), done that now.
Mucci | 28/5/2016
updated them to the latest version - documents are missing (thats why I call them "temp").If you need a document use the Doc from the MAME compiling script (it works the same way):
Mucci | 1/4/2016
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